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Revenue Reserve is the first CRE motion picture. Since 2009 expert researcher and filmmaker Doug Orchard, MLS tracked hundreds of CRE investors as they responded to the 2008 aftermath. Many investors lost. Some thrived. This documentary film explores how successful CRE investors protect and enhance wealth when things go wrong.

Most investors and others who support the industry lack a comprehensive understanding of the problems associated with investing in real estate: it can retain its value, but its unique liabilities can reach back and take everything from the investor. This educational documentary takes a comprehensive approach to the investor’s problem that is unparalleled to date.

Many focus on “getting big” only to experience a real-life “Shoots & Ladders” board game experience where they financially slide back to where they started…often with nothing. Investors who really succeed (not just when things go up) operate with a responsible set of unwritten rules…rules they generously share in this film.  These rules enable these investors to protect and enhance wealth, even when things go wrong.

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